How to reach us

Common reception and office Tour As d.o.o. is located in the city center on Mala ulica 8, at the entrance to the pedestrian zone of the old town, so you can get to the reception with a car and park in a public car park next to the building.


From the train and bus station we are 400meters away.The nearby Jože Pučnik airport Ljubljana is 27 km away.

Apartments and Rooms Tour As are located in the city center and in close proximity of the reception, most of which are within a distance of up to 1 km from the reception. Check-in to the apartment or room is arranged at the location of the accommodation, by prior arrangement in regards to the arrival time.

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GPS coordinates:      46° 03' 12.16"N, 14° 30' 29.70"
Address: Mala ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 1 434 26 60, GSM: +386 31 490 150, F: +386 1 434 26 64

By car 

Road connections:
From Villach (Austria) 106 km E651
From Klagenfurt (Austria) 87 km E652 or E61
From Graz (Austria) 200 km E57 or E59
From Trieste (Italy) 95 km E61 or E70
From Zagreb (Croatia) 134 km E70
From Budapest (Hungary) 465 km E57 or E71

Distance from Ljubljana to other European cities:
Venice (Italy) 245 km
Wien (Austria) 385 km
Munich (Germany) 408 km
Budapest (Hungary) 465 km
Milano (Italy) 498 km
Belgrade (Serbia) 540 km
Prague (Czech) 649 km
Rome (Italy) 753 km
Frankfurt (Germany) 800 km

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By plane

Slovenia's main airport Jože Pučnik Airport in Brnik is approximately 27 km and approximately 20 minutes drive away from Ljubljana. Between Ljubljana airport and the main bus station in the center of Ljubljana drives a city bus. Weekdays buses are scheduled hourly; Saturdays, Sundays and during public holidays every 2 hours. The ride takes 45 minutes.
It is also possible to use a van- or mini bus service (“shuttle service”).
For a stress-free transport from the airport to the accommodation of Tour As we recommend the order of our individual transfer; the driver will wait for you at the airport and will take you directly to the accommodation where you will be welcomed and checked-in to accommodation.

Nearby airports from which we offer trasfers:

Klagenfurt (Austria) 95 km
Trieste (Italy), Ronchi dei Legionari 125 km
Zagreb (Croatia), Pleso 145 km
Venice (Italy), Friuli Venezia Giulia - Marco polo 235 km
Treviso (Italy), Aeroporto San Giuseppe 240 km
Graz (Austria) 187 km
Pula (Croatia) 200 km
Vienna (Austria), Schwechat 385 km

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By train or bus

Ljubljana has many regular train and bus connections to countries around Europe including, among others, the following:

Austria (via Salzburg, Villach and Graz)
Croatia (via Zagreb and Rijeka)
Italy (via Villach)
Hungary (via Budapest)
Germany (via Munich)
Switzerland (via Zurich)
Czech Republic (via Prague)
Greece, Macedonia and Serbia (via Salonica, Skopje and Belgrade)

More information:
Ljubljana Bus Station

Ljubljana Railway Station

Around the city

By city BUS
Those wishing to travel on Ljubljana city buses, operated by the Ljubljanski potniški promet (LPP) public utility company, should purchase the Urbana public transport card. The Urbana card is available from LPP ticket offices, tourist information centres and most of the city's newspaper kiosks, news-stands and post offices. The card is priced at 2.00 € and can store up to 50.00 € of credit to be spent on city bus fares. The Urbana card can be topped up with cash at all the above mentioned sales outlets and the green Urbanomat ticket machines located across the city, mostly next to bus stops. The ticket machines accept both cash and credit and debit cards. Visitors to Ljubljana who purchase their Urbana card from a Tourist Information Centre and keep the receipt can return the card to the place of purchase when they no longer need it and claim a 2.00 € refund.
A single journey fare is 1.20 €. It covers an up to 90-minute journey regardless of the number of buses needed to be changed to reach the destination.

City Bus Routes

By bicycle
Very popular, simple, environment-friendly and cost-effective means of transport is a city bike, which you can use after registration on the website All parking stations guarantee a quick and easy access to the bikes. The first hour of each ride is free. To use a Ljubljana city public bus it is necessary to purchase the Urbana public transport card. The Urbana card is available at public utility company (LPP) ticket offices, tourist information centres and most of the city's newspaper kiosks, news-stands and post offices.

By Kavalir (Gallant Helper - an environment-friendly free of charge electric vehicle)
Within the car-free city centre area can easily be overcome if you hop on and which you can order every day from 9am to 10pm via telephone +386 31 666 331 or +386 31 666 332.